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Des Moines Junk Dumpster Rental

There are many reasons why you’ll need a dumpster rental. You could be planning on doing home renovations like many other Americans or simply cleaning out your garage, attic or basement. Currently Des Moines Junk delivers dumpster rentals to homes, businesses, contractors in the Greater Des Moines Metro and all communities within 50 miles.

Dumpster rentals are perfect for just about any size of renovation or cleanout, whether it is a spring cleaning project or restoring extreme weather damaged property that has occurred. You’ll need somewhere to put all that garbage, trash and junk as well as some kind of method to properly dispose of it. You could make multiple trips back and forth from local recycling centers or you could arrange for a dumpster rental from Des Moines Junk and let us do the hauling for you. It is simple “We drop it off, you put it in and we haul it away”!

When you choose a dumpster rental from Des Moines Junk, you get the professional, friendly and prompt service that has been the basis of our reputation since 1990. All of our equipment is designed to be residential friendly. We can fit down those narrow city streets that can be lined with parked cars on one side with ease, unlike some of those other bulky dumpster rental companies.

We’ll take the time to understand you and the details of your project to ensure our recommendations are as accurate as possible. We even provide a free estimate! Our dumpster rentals are normally available for seven days however; Des Moines Junk has a flexible pick-up and delivery schedule that allows us to extend your dumpster rental should an unforeseen event occur.

All of our dumpsters are delivered clean, well-maintained and easy to operate. We have a unique method of delivering your dumpster rental by placing wooden boards under the dumpster so that it never actually touches your property, eliminating the opportunity for any damage to occur.
That is just another way Des Moines Junk cares about our customers and their property.

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