Windsor Heights, IA Junk Removal Services

Des Moines Junk is proud to provide all kinds of junk removal and trash removal services to Windsor Heights, IA. Tired of that old couch or old appliance cluttering your home? Need some help cleaning out old junk lying around your home? Des Moines Junk is here to help! We offer appliance removal, old furniture disposal, bulk trash pickup, haul away services, dumpster rental, and more.

If you go with a national broker, you will get higher prices for lower quality work. When you go with Des Moines Junk you get a local company that cares about quality and speed. We are state-licensed and insured, so we hold all of the liability, leaving you with a cleaner home and nothing to worry about.

At Des Moines Junk we have the man power to make sure our work is done and it’s done well. Plus, with a full crew, we allow you to pick the best time and day for your junk removal. We fit around your schedule, not the other way around. Let Des Moines Junk help you clean up your Windsor Heights home or yard. Call us today or schedule a pickup now.

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