Lowest Price Guarantee

We work daily to bring savings to our customers and reduce the amount of junk we take to the landfill. As the Owner of Disposal Service Management, this is my personal guarantee:

There are 3 standard practices to our company that allow us to bring our customers Affordable Junk Removal. I will beat any competitor’s price by $50.00 or 10% if they can provide you with the 3 requirements which are listed:

  1. Valid up-to-date copy of insurance (“With worker’s compensation if more than 1 person”).
  2. Valid State of Iowa contractor registration Number.
  3. Estimate on a business card or company letter head.

Asking for these 3 things will help us do our part to:

  1. Keep you, me and my workers SAFE.
  2. Limit the chance of unfair work practices.
  3. Limit the chance for the mistreatment of workers and their right to a fair wage.

“We can’t control competitors’ prices, but we can control customer service,” “You call us in the morning, we’ll get you in the afternoon; you call us in the afternoon, we’ll get you in the morning. We are Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to service.”

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